Wednesday, September 30, 2015

*waves* hiii

The boys had their SWC at Bangkok last week and the concert looked super awesome! Have u guys check the fancams? I don't really watch fancams these days but this Thai concert is actually an exception because of the great quality of fancams!
They looked really happy and it seemed that they missed each other? Lol

They don't live with each other anymore (except Onew and Minho), Jonghyun has been busy with his concert and BN album, Key was in SF and Taemin is probably busy with his comeback. Onew and Minho probably didn't even get to see each other with their drama filming lol.

Jonghyun's The Agit concerts and Key's In The Heights will start this week yay. Minho's drama is going to start next week too! 

With the release of their new Japanese single Sing Your Song, they will be active in Japan October onwards. The next Japan Tour is expected to start in January next year~ I'm hoping for a Dome tour!!! Give them a Dome tour pleaseeee. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Hello T_T

I finally updated the schedules T_T
But I solely rely on their official schedules instead of lurking around the internet like I used to do before because I am really busy orz

I wanted to stop updating but this schedule is really precious to me? I have been doing this since 2012 I do not want to stop T_T

October gonna be hell in updating but I'm done with Key's musical and Jonghyun's concerts. There will be a lot of Japanese schedules in October because I'm sensing the new Japanese single will be released somewhere in October-November. Minho's new drama will start broadcasting in October too so good luck to me ^____^

It's nice to see them having individual things to do right now I kinda wish Onew would have one too but well he's busy filming his drama right now so I guess I'm fine orz. The drama is scheduled to be aired next year in February ahhh

I honestly thought Taemin would have his comeback this year but right now I really had no idea tbh. But SM have been really secretive with SHINee these days. I mean they would hints about comeback for all their other artists months before their comebacks but not SHINee. 

Friday, June 5, 2015


Updated the schedule!

There's a bit confusing events in the schedule but I will amend it later orz it's about Key's musical and the event in Hong Kong.

Well anyway, View has been doing really well on charts! I love it, I love how they picked the right song for the title song. The album in general has been doing really good! We should not compare who did better, the most important thing is how they have improved as compared to previous releases!~ View is doing extremely well, it's still in melOn top 15 even after 3 weeks. Everybody can't even stay in top 20 after a week lmfao. Not to mention, the amount of competitors we have for this comeback!

And the boys look so so happy this comeback it makes me so happy. Even with the lack of actual album promotions, the song is doing so well! But it seems that they are starting doing shows right now? Really SM? After 3 weeks? But whatever. Looking forward for more shows~ They are starting to go to 19+ shows lmfao

This week will be the last week for SHINee to win anything so let's grab everything~ 

I still can't believe they get to promote a really relax title song. I mean... they have been so intense for about 6 years with all the hard choreography and now? BUT I LOVE IT! I love View so much. My favourite title song after Replay can you believe it.

Thanks SM for SHINee existence.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Neomu Areumdaun daun daun daun View!

I've updated the schedules as per SHInee's official schedules! They didn't update much tho orz. This era is really odd to be very honest. And I'm not liking it orz the way SM promotes weird........................we haven't even get the MV smh where's our MV SM!!!

But the songs in this whole album? They are all A+ everyone should listen to the album!

My favourite is actually View tbh and Odd Eye and Love Sick and Alive and Romance and An Encore and An Ode To You yea
The others I didn't mention are nice too tbh you won't regret it.

I wish SM would promote them more.
The things they said these days... ah is it possible to love a boyband like this I honestly don't know. 

I don't really know what to say anymore but anyway please listen to the Odd album you will like it!!

They will start to promote on music shows this week can't wait! 

Monday, May 11, 2015

SHINee to comeback next week!

I still can't believe the one week notice omg SM please. I wonder whats the rush tho. Well anyway, SM just announced that the boys will be releasing their 4th full album next week on the 18th! They released a comeback trailer on SM's official Youtube go check it out!(please watch for the views).

The most exciting part of this comeback is that we will get to listen to the songs first at Blue Night! And it will be viewable radio~ I hope the boys are ok tho considering they will be having their last day of SWC Seoul on that day. SM also announced that they will be celebrating 7th anniversary on the 24th yay. 

Ahh what will SM release tomorrow uwuu

Sunday, April 26, 2015


The boys are on the plane right now heading to Korea~ They attended a fashion show in Brazil. I am confused about the event but oh well lol. Sigh they must be very tired orz they got back from Thailand few days ago and went to Brazil the day after smh. Well they should arrive Korea tomorrow morning. 

I am so excited for their comeback?? They filmed their MV in Thailand (that's what people said). None of the boys is having dark colored hair right now? Well we can never know Key's since he's doing so good at hiding his hair orz but Onew's is pink, Jonghyun's is white, Minho has blonde hair and Taemin has white-purple hair~ I hope they hit daebak with this comeback! Tho the competition is really high, we can always work hard. Winning is not important to me but let's get the recognition! I hope the song is nice orz I think for now the visual is nice? I hope the get good concept and for SM to promote them well!

They will be having concerts next month and SM has added another date since 2 days were not enough for shawols orz I hope everything will go as planned! My prediction is something will happen  on the 18/5 that is after the concert and also 25/5. I hope the new album to be released on the 25th lmfao but let's see!!

Can the boys post something on their SNS uwu

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Hello everyone!!! 
I went to see SHINee last weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watching them performing live just confirmed my love towards them~ I love them more to be honest T_T

Sherlock was the first song, towards the end of the song during the dance break I looked at each of their faces and I literally saw....hard work......... I don't even know if that's even possible but that's the truth T_T No slacking at all, every moves were sharp. I'm biased I know but it's really rare to see a group into their 7th year dance this well T_T

Even SNSD....... the thing about Soshi...I think they lack of practice? But it's good that they were laughing on stage after those mistakes, I'm entertained :D

Also T__TTT SHINee boys were so happy this weekend T_T Such busy weekend, but they managed to smile everywhere. From Seoul to Hanoi to Sepang and back to Seoul. All of them were smiling all the way I'm so happy T_T AND THEY WERE CLEARLY VERY HAPPY in Malaysia cries T_T Jonghyun tweeted "Malaysia was fun!!!" cries

The SHINee boys will be holding their 4th concert in Seoul in May. I can safely say could be coming back end of May? With the concert, and also they will be attending the Dream Concert!!! I'm really hoping for the May comeback but remember how they still performed Lucifer in 2011 Dream Concert orz

I miss them I want to see them again should I go to the Seoul concert orz